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Invigorated by experienced and motivated teams in our offices across the country, Chipman Design Architecture has the talent to direct your innovative environments. From concept through construction and beyond, clients are our creative partners. Together, we forge collaborative teams responsive to your unique needs.

Your success is our success.

Advanced Technologies

Blue Marble 3D – A New Dimension in Visualization

We have never been satisfied to sit on the sidelines, merely watching the revolution.
We are the ones visualizing the future – this is what we do. See how we can build your world.

  • 3D Renderings
  • Virtual Reality
  • Consultations
  • Technical Research & Development
  • Panoramas
  • Augmented Reality
  • Walk-through Simulations
  • Head-Mounted Displays & The Cube


Architecture is the creative process rather than a finished product. It is all about assembling the brilliantly creative minds to bring innovative solutions to the table. It’s global perspective applied locally, with visionary design reaching across all markets – retail, restaurant and hospitality.

Enhancing this fundamental sensitivity, a thorough investigation of the property’s location and its vernacular allows designers to incorporate local artisans and craftsmanship, infusing community into what ultimately evolves as brand presence. This global experience tells the lifestyle story through a defined sense of detail, interpreted through color, décor, finishes and lighting.

Chipman Design Architecture is licensed in all 50 states, multiple Canadian provinces and Puerto Rico.

Interior Design

Never settling for the expected, our design team is recognized for creating warm, welcoming environments responsive to each client’s brand. We incorporate local artisans and craftsmanship, infusing community into what ultimately evolves as brand presence. This global experience tells the lifestyle story.
Detail. Color. Décor. Finishes. Lighting.
This is how we approach design.

Branded Environment

Our expertise enhances client image as the brand is expanded from company identity into the thoughtful transition of physical space. The brand is intangibly woven into the design, the space and the structure, activating all the consumer’s experiential senses.

Prototype Development

An inspired list of successful retail, restaurant and hospitality clients spans the globe,
and client brand remains the foundation of all conceptual development.

Chipman Design offers innovative solutions to demands for inspiration in design, functionality in operation and market responsiveness.

We have developed strategies for simplifying project complexities, whether it’s creating an efficient, quality kitchen at the restaurant’s core or the layout of a retail space fusing merchandising with graphic appeal.


Pioneering innovative applications of visualization and virtual reality have created new standards within our design process. Incorporating this technology, the firm’s designers can create a virtual immersive prototype without the budget impact of a client constructing full-scale physical mock-ups.

As an extension of this evolving virtual reality technology, Chipman Design established the innovative division Blue Marble 3D to continue exploring the leading edge of visualization potential.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design orders the creation of places, products and services respectful to the responsible use of non-renewable resources. This minimizes the environmental impact and connects people to their natural surroundings.

Chipman Design is committed to creating environments integrating sustainable design wherever feasible, seeking solutions which are sensitive to global responsibility. The firm is a U.S. Green Building Council Member company who takes pride in its LEED-accredited Principals and staff members, valuing its USGBC and LEED-registered engineering consultants.

Kitchen Planning

From directing the latest QSR concept to creating the ultimate fine dining experience, our first intent is to work behind the scenes guiding the very heart of operations – the Kitchen. As experts in efficiencies, adjacencies and the newest technologies, we assemble the team bringing you the best in kitchen planning and design.

Lighting Design

Luminous: full of light, to be bright or shining

Chipman Design has been at the forefront of lighting design for decades. We can create a warm, inviting hotel lobby, lit to inspire conversation; a sparkling white dining room with the perfect vintage fixtures, or a retail store with sustainable LED lighting, that showcases merchandise.

This is what we do so expertly and with our in-house lighting studies we provide the metrics behind it all.

National Site Adaptation of Prototypes

If you are looking to grow across North America, Chipman Design is the recognized leader in prototype management for retail, hospitality and restaurant projects. The firm possesses years of experience in taking corporations through the process of national expansion.

With architectural licensing throughout the United States as well as several Canadian Provinces, Chipman Design is an unparalleled partner in national corporation expansion programs, offering exceptional management and regional architectural services.

Property Improvement Plans: PIP

Our clients look to gain market share, increase guest satisfaction, drive revenue performance and enhance profitability. By responding to their brands essential scheduled updates, our clients have discovered a responsible partner to manage keeping them current. Our Hospitality Design Team’s expertise produces results through smart design and a PIP is your design opportunity waiting to be uncovered.