iOS Viewing Instructions


1. Check that you have the Google Cardboard app installed on your phone.

2. Calibrate the Cardboard app to your Cardboard or CDAVR headset:


In the event that you lose your CDAVR headset case you can recalibrate using this QR code:   qr_pocket_360_dk

3. Follow the web-link or scan the QR code of your pano page.
(You should have a built-in QR code reader through camera with iOS 11 or later.  If you have an earlier version of iOS, you will need to install a QR code reader on your phone.)


4. Touch the headset icon and insert your phone into the viewer.

phoneviewer s8

5. View your VR pano and enjoy!



If the address bar appears, rotate your phone to a vertical position and back to horizontal to remove it from your view.

If the 3d effect causes eye strain, the device may need to be re-calibrated per step 2 above.